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quinta-feira, 9 de julho de 2009

Revista - The Prison Journal

Publicado o volume 89, número 02 do The Prison Journal (, periódico da Pennsylvania Prison Society (


Karen F. Lahm. Inmate Assaults on Prison Staff: A Multilevel Examination of an Overlooked Form of Prison Violence
Richard S. Jones, Jeffrey Ian Ross, Stephen C. Richards, and Daniel S. Murphy. The First Dime: A Decade of Convict Criminology
Nancy Wolff and Jing Shi. Type, Source, and Patterns of Physical Victimization: A Comparison of Male and Female Inmates
Christopher T. Lowenkamp, Brian Lovins, and Edward J. Latessa. Validating the Level of Service Inventory—Revised and the Level of Service Inventory: Screening Version With a Sample of Probationers
Benjamin Steiner and John Wooldredge. Rethinking the Link Between Institutional Crowding and Inmate Misconduct

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