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quarta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2010

"Ecstasy? Só para os Veteranos", diz FDA

Acabo de receber do Marcelinho Mayora - acho que os gremistas estão evitando ler os periódicos da província...
FDA approves Ecstasy: New treatment of Iraq war veterans with resistant PTSD. Encouraging results
[Fonte: Denver Examiner, August 9, 7:01]
By Taylor Lynne Trentwood, Ph.D.
Veterans from Iraq and other theatres of war may receive treatment with Ecstasy! The FDA has given approval for a trial of treatment for PTSD in a combination of psychotherapy and Ecstasy. This is a major step forward in mental health methods of treatment.
Denver is a likely VA hospital site for this ground breaking work in which there has been success treating men and women who have been unable to be helped by any other methods, including anti -depressants, psychotherapy, relaxation training and support groups.
The initial results are excellent. Ten out of a group twelve test subject showed very positive effects from the treatment protocol. A combination appears to be the surest method therefore the chemical MDMA is paired with physical monitoring to watch for side effects and to be a therapeutic agent as well.
This is truly groundbreaking news and the FDA has made a very positive decision in moving this therapy forward. People who have suffered severe trauma often live their entire lifetime without relief from their disorder. Their crushing symptoms include overwhelming anxiety, flash-back like memories and severe depression, among others.
A placebo group which also had the same number of sessions for psychotherapy but not the Ecstasy chemical showed on a two in eight or 25% rate of improvement. The difference between the treatment group and the placebo group is highly significant.
This therapy may allow the brain to “re-boot” and have a fresh start in a way that no current treatment or medication can do. Let’s keep a positive mind set that this new trial will bring much welcomed relief to our suffering veterans. It is the most hopeful sign of something new and of progress for PTSD in a very long time.

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Anônimo disse...

Professor, inicialmente, é fato que nós tricolores não temos tido motivo para lermos os jornais de nosso Estado (nossa imprensa já tradicionalmente vermelha está amando o momento).

Em segundo, muito legal a matéria, já tinha lido algo semlhante sobre os veteranos da guerra do vietnã, que teriam sido tratados com espécies de maconha genéticamente modificada, hidropônicas.

Em terceiro, me viciei no blog! conheci faz pouco e agora entro quase todo dia, tão proveitoso quando as aulas de cirminologia que tive com o sr. na puc hehe

Thiago Lima

Marcelo Mayora disse...

Secarei até o fim.
Mexicanos jogarão fritos de ecstasy.