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sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

Publicações Criminológicas

Nas duas últimas semanas foram publicadas novos volumes de importantes periódicos mundiais de Criminologia. São publicações distintas, que adotam posturas críticas e conservadoras que pendem do abolicionismo ao punitivismo.

A revista Crime, Media, Culture, periódico de referência da Crimiologia Cultural, em sua edição de agosto de 2010, contém os seguintes artigos:
Randy Lippert and Blair Wilkinson, Capturing crime, criminals and the public’s imagination: Assembling Crime Stoppers and CCTV surveillance
David Wilson, Harriet Tolputt, Nick Howe and Diane Kemp, When serial killers go unseen: The case of Trevor Joseph Hardy
Leonidas K. Cheliotis, The ambivalent consequences of visibility: Crime and prisons in the mass media
Susana Vargas Cervantes, Performing mexicanidad: Criminality and lucha libre
Avi Brisman, ‘Creative crime’ and the phytological analogy
Mark Hamm, Jeff Ferrell and Chris Greer, Provocateur for justice: Notes on the imprisonment of Professor Luis Barrios

O periódico Law, Culture and the Humanities, de junho de 2010, apresenta edição especial sobre o tema da Soberania.
Charles Barbour, Sovereign Times: Acts of Creation
James R. Martel, Can There Be Politics Without Sovereignty? Arendt, Derrida and the Question of Sovereign Inevitability
Jill Stauffer, Equality and Equivocation: Saving Sovereignty from Itself
Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, What comes after Sovereignty?
Joseph Jenkins, Dead Hand Rising: Dialectics Beyond Last Wills in The Merchant of Venice and The Tempest
Sharon Cowan, The Elvis We Deserve: The Social Regulation of Sex/ Gender and Sexuality Through Cultural Representations of ‘The King’
Jinee Lokaneeta, A Rose by Another Name: Legal Definitions, Sanitized Terms, and Imagery of Torture in 24
Eugene Garver, Spinoza on Constitutional Interpretation

A Crime & Delinquency, periódico orientado pela linha comportamentalista-atuarial, na edição de outubro de 2010 apresenta os seguintes textos:
Laurence Steinberg and Alex R. Piquero, Manipulating Public Opinion About Trying Juveniles as Adults: An Experimental Study
Laura J. Hickman and Marika J. Suttorp, The Recidivism Patterns of Previously Deported Aliens Released From a Local Jail: Are They High-Risk Offenders?
Daniel P. Mears, Tracey L. Shollenberger, Janeen B. Willison, Colleen E. Owens and Jeffrey A. Butts, Practitioner Views of Priorities, Policies, and Practices in Juvenile Justice
Melissa Schaefer Morabito, Understanding Community Policing as an Innovation: Patterns of Adoption
Andy Hochstetler, Matt DeLisi and Travis C. Pratt, Social Support and Feelings of Hostility Among Released Inmates
Robert Svensson and Lieven Pauwels, Is a Risky Lifestyle Always “Risky”? The Interaction Between Individual Propensity and Lifestyle Risk in Adolescent Offending: A Test in Two Urban Samples
Nicole Leeper Piquero, Andrea Schoepfer and Lynn Langton, Completely Out of Control or the Desire to Be in Complete Control? How Low Self-Control and the Desire for Control Relate to Corporate Offending

A revista conservadora The Prison Journal, em junho de 2010 publicou:
Jeralyn Faris and JoAnn Miller, Family Matters: Perceptions of Fairness Among Incarcerated Women
Merry Morash, Seok Jin Jeong and Nancy L. Zang, An Exploratory Study of the Characteristics of Men Known to Commit Prisoner-on-Prisoner Sexual Violence
Lior Gideon, Efrat Shoham and David L. Weisburd, Changing Prison Into a Therapeutic Milieu: Evidence From the Israeli National Rehabilitation Center for Prisoners
Lawrence A. Sawchuk, Lianne Tripp and Michelle M. Mohan, “Voluntariness of Exposure”: Life in a Convict Station
Shannon K. Fowler, Ashley G. Blackburn, James W. Marquart and Janet L. Mullings, Would They Officially Report an In-Prison Sexual Assault? An Examination of Inmate Perceptions

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