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domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

Teoria Criminológica

Recebi do meu parceiro da Amazon a propaganda do lançamento do livro Criminological Theory, organizado pelos professores Eugene McLaughlin e Tim Newburn.

Table of Contents
1. Genetics and Crime Laura A Baker, Catherine Tuvblad and Adrian Raine 2. Individual Differences and Offending, Darrick Jolliffe and David P Farrington
3. Social Learning Theory, Ronald L Akers and Gary F Jensen
4. Process and Structure in Criminal and Deviant Behavior: Street Collectives and Group Delinquency, Simon Hallsworth and Tara Young
5. Social Disorganization, Subcultures and beyond Strain Theories, Robert Agnew and Timothy Brezina
6. Control Theories, Ray Paternoster and Ronet Bachman
7. Labelling, Social Reaction and Social Constructionism, John Muncie
8. Critical Criminology, Eugene McLaughlin
9. Integrative Criminology, Gregg Barak
10. Realist Criminology Revisited, Roger Matthews
11. Routine Activities, Sharon Chamard
12. Feminist Perspectives in Criminology: A Review with Gen Y in Mind, Kathleen Daly

13. Life-Course and Developmental Theories in Criminology, David P Farrington
14. Crime Science, Ronald V Clarke
15. Psychosocial Criminology Tony Jefferson
16. Cultural Criminology, Jeff Ferrell
17. The Loose Can[n]on Governmental Criminology, Pat O'Malley
18. New Institutionalism in Criminology, Susanne Karstedt
19. Approaches, Theories and Themes Defiance, Compliance and Consilience, Lawrence W Sherman
20. A General Theory of Criminology: A Vision of Race, Crime and Justice through the Lens of Critical Race Theory, Lee E Ross
21. A Green Criminology Perspective, Rob White
22. Global Criminology, Katja Franko Aas
23. Penology, Michael Cavadino
24. Approaches to Victims and Victimization, Paul Rock
25. News Media Criminology, Chris Greer

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