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terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

Crime, Media, Culture e Feminist Criminology

Disponíveis na web os volumes de abril de 2011 dos periódicos Crime, Media, Culture e Feminist Criminology. Desde o meu ponto de vista, dois dos melhores periódicos de Criminologia.

Crime, Media, Culture
Mark Hamm and Chris Greer, Into the Future, Darkly
Eamonn Carrabine, Images of torture: Culture, politics and power
Ray Surette, Derek Chadee, Linda Heath and Jason R. Young, Preventive and punitive criminal justice policy support in Trinidad: The media’s role
Hille Koskela, ‘Don’t mess with Texas!’ Texas Virtual Border Watch Program and the (botched) politics of responsibilization
Revital Sela-Shayovitz, Neo-Nazis and moral panic: The emergence of neo-Nazi youth gangs in Israel
Michael Fiddler, A ‘system of light before being a figure of stone’: The phantasmagoric prison
Giles Price, The visual documentation of public protest: G20, London, 2009

Feminist Criminology
Sarah Becker and Jill A. McCorkel, The Gender of Criminal Opportunity: The Impact of Male Co-Offenders on Women’s Crime
Andrea J. Nichols, Gendered Organizations: Challenges for Domestic Violence Victim Advocates and Feminist Advocacy
Cara E. Rabe-Hemp, Female Forces: Beauty, Brains, and a Badge

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